Sardines Pescadou



In 1920, Dominique Ferrigno, an Italian fisherman, leaves his country with his fishing boat for a new Eldorado: Algeria (that was a French colony at that time).

Then arrived the second generation, with Amodeo Ferrigno and his four brothers in 1945 who created the first cannery.

Algeria became independent in 1962, so the Ferrignos went to the south of France to start a new adventure in Port-St-Louis-du-Rhône (between Arles and Marseille) with the creation of the sardine cannery and its own fishing company.

Sailors from fathers to sons, the men of Ferrigno have been fishing in the Mediterranean Sea for three generations.

The fresh fishes are cooked in the family cannery, in Camargue, where the sardines are prepared entirely by hand, just like in the old times. Digestible, healthy and light, the beautiful silvers are placed on racks and steamed in the oven without fat. They are then seasoned with olive extra virgin oil, fresh lemon slices, or homemade tomato sauce.

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